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Agriculture & The Environment Lesson Plans

This resource was designed to engage middle school students in discovery and exploration of topics related to agriculture and natural resources. Inside you’ll find six engaging lessons; each made up of a teacher’s guide, background information for the student and student engagement sheets. 

MAF Activity Booklets

Create and play with the interactive 15 page My American Farm Activity Book! Learning about food has never been so fun, discover facts and 11 activities to complete. Includes Ag Across America Origami, Harvest This Pictogram Puzzlers, Farmer’s Market Challenge Riddles and many more!

Entomology Ag Mag

This four page ag magazine for 3rd-5th grade students explores entomology, the science of insects. Learn about entomology careers, different insects and much more in this non-fiction text. The Ag Mag comes in a classroom set of 30.

Bringing Biotech to Life - All Lessons

“Bringing Biotechnology to Life” is a resource for science educators and others interested in learning more about biotechnology and its role in food production. This unit of instruction addresses national learning standards for 7th–10th grade, yet the interest level may be much broader. 

Sustainable Agriculture: What is Sustainable Agriculture? PowerPoint

Use this powerpoint with the Sustainable Agriculture: What is Sustainable Agriculture? Lesson 1

Sustainable Agriculture: What is Sustainable Agriculture? Lesson 1

Sustainable Agriculture lesson to be used with the Sustainable Agriculture powerpoint and other lessons. 

Download and Print Pick-Up Cards

Printable cards to learn about corn field, dairy parlor, machine shed or Farmer’s Market.

Order Printed Banners

Welcome to the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture Marketing and Media Ordering Portal. 

Lean Beef – An Important Part of Adolescent Growth Example Illustrations

Example illustrations from students who completed the Lean Beef – An Important Part of Adolescent Growth Lesson

Lean Beef – An Important Part of Adolescent Growth Beef Handout

Beef nutrition handout as a supplement to the Lean Beef – An Important Part of Adolescent Growth Lesson.

Syngenta Summer Fellowship Educator’s Guide

This series of lesson plans was authored by North Carolina teachers after their experience in the Syngenta Summer Fellowship program. The Fellowship is a 10-day experience that immerses STEM teachers into the world of agricultural biotechnology. The program is an interactive experience that explores the process of developing a biotech product from discovery to commercialization, including tours of labs, field visits and meeting with lobbyists to understand agriculture policy.

Animal Housing Matching Cards - Quick Start Volunteer Guide

Interactive game using the Animal Matching Cards. Learners will understand that farmers care for their animals by learning about the housing conditions of different animals in agriculture.

Natural Resources Playing Cards

Agriculture uses natural resources to feed and clothe people around the world! This set of cards includes 2 Activities:


Who Am I? Players ask yes/no questions to identify what word is shown on the card.
Who Is Like Me? Players try to fit their resource cards into one of the 7 natural resource categories.


Includes 25 playing cards and 4 instruction cards. Best for grades 3-5. 

Natural Resources Playing Cards - Quick Start Volunteer Guide

A game to play using the Natural Resource playing cards. Learners will understand the importance of natural resources in agriculture production. 

Dive Into Water Careers!

This is a relevant, purposeful tool that will engage students in the science of water and food production. It is aligned to national learning standards for 6th-8th grade, but the interest level may be much broader.

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