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Plant Breeding Ag Mag

An agricultural magazine for upper elementary readers about plant breeding. Topics include: definition of seed technology, how DNA works within the cell, what kinds of seeds are found around the world & how plant breeding has evolved. Suitable for grades 5-8.

Specialty Crop Ag Mag

What makes a specialty crop special? Discover unique specialty crops as you get to know the farmers and ranchers who produce them! Great nonfiction text reader for grades 3-5.

Apple Ag Mag

Our newly revised Apple Ag Mag is the perfect resource to help 3-5th grade students learn all about apples! Sections include the lunchbox caper, parts of an apple, the story of Johnny Appleseed, a career corner, information on how apples are grown and harvested, apple varieties, and more!

Bee Ag Mag

This standards aligned easy-to-read nonfiction text is great for introducing grades 3-5 to bee and pollinators. Includes career corner, all about pollinators section, the beekeepers toolbox, honey a journey from flower to table and more!  

Corn Ag Mag

NEWLY updated Corn Ag Mag! This nonfiction reader is best for grades 3-5. Find out how corn grows, what can be made from corn, and careers related to corn!

Cotton Ag Mag

Help students discover all about cotton! Sections include history of cotton, cotton facts, cotton vs wool, from seed to shirt, career, corner activity suggestions. Suitable for 3-5th grade curriculum.

Dairy Ag Mag

This 4 page colorful agricultural magazine for kids engages 3-5th grade students in the world of dairy products and production with fun facts, activities and dairy career profiles.

Energy Ag Mag

This standards aligned easy-to-read nonfiction text is great for introducing grades 3-5 to the different types of energy resources. Includes sections on renewable vs non-renewable, how energy gets to your home, energy through history, fun facts, activity suggestions and more!

Wheat Ag Mag

Wheat is a wonderful crop! Learn about the history of wheat, where it grows and careers related to it.

Soybean Ag Mag

This four page colorful agricultural magazine for 3-5th grade students contains information about agriculture, classroom activities, and agricultural career profiles in subject matter area
Subject matter area examines the versatile soybean with an emphasis on Nutrition, Economics, Geography, Math, and Science while meeting national learning standards.

Sheep Ag Mag

Perfect for 3-5th grade as an introduction to sheep and wool production. Include information on careers, wool production, and sheep varieties. Activities are aligned to National State Standards and Common Core State Standards. 

Poultry Ag Mag

This standards aligned non-fiction resource introduces young readers to poultry and eggs. Includes fun facts, a career corner, parts of an egg, and much more! Suitable for grades 3 through 5

Pizza Ag Mag

Fun nonfiction text magazine for kids 3-5th grade educates about math, science, social science and reading/language arts using the agricultural origins of pizza as a theme.
Includes farmer interviews, fun activities, and more!

Purple Plow | Growing Green Challenge

In this challenge, students will learn about energy and they will design, build and share a solution that diversifies energy consumption

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The Story of Agriculture | Lesson

Use artistic strategies to represent the importance and diversity of agriculture 

Cooking Using Nutritious Commodities | Lesson

In this activity you will make a tasty ham, cheese and apple quesadilla using nutritious commodities

Commodity Investigation | Lesson

Develop and deliver a brief presentation on a selected commodity using supporting resources

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