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The Cow Conundrum

This booklet explores ag-related careers and is part of the My Little Ag Me book series from My American Farm and Feeding Minds Press. The idea behind the stories is to create curiosity around the highlighted careers and thought processes professionals use to complete their work.  This book explores the careers of dairy farmer and veterinarian. You can also download for free here:

The Bug Girl

Real-life 7-year-old Sophia Spencer was bullied for loving bugs until hundreds of women scientists rallied around her. Now Sophie tells her inspiring story in this picture book that celebrates women in science, bugs of all kinds, and the importance of staying true to yourself.

Little Joe

  • To be used with the Feeding Minds, Cultivating Growth Middle School Unit Bundle Educator’ Guide. Free Educator's Guide download available under "Free Resources".
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Summary: It’s a cold December night and Fancy, the Stegner family’s cow, is about to give birth. Out pops Little Joe, a huge bull calf, and with him comes nine-year-old Eli’s first chance to raise an animal to show at next fall’s county fair. Over the next ten months, Eli, and Little Joe, learn some hard lessons about growing up and what it means to take on bigger responsibilities, especially when it comes to taking care of another living thing.


Award-winning author Candace Fleming describes the life cycle of the honeybee in accessible, beautiful language.

Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish Bundle

Get one copy of the book Chuck's Ice Cream Wish (Tales Of The Dairy Godmother), one copy of the educator guide and one set of 30 Dairy Ag Mags in this bundle.

2019 Food And Farm Facts Activity Cards: 4-6

The set features 12 easy-to-implement activities connected to “Food and Farm Facts” for grades 4-6. Activities support national learning standards and cover subjects including: math, social science, English language arts, health and science. Updated to support the 2019 “Food and Farm Facts” edition.

2019 Food And Farm Facts Trivia Cards

With more than 250 questions and 46 front and back playing cards, the new Food and Farm Facts trivia card set brings a popular game element to important national agricultural statistics. In a classroom or living room, these cards will test your knowledge about production, sustainability and nutrition! Cards are aligned to the 2019 “Food and Farm Facts”.  Best for middle school and high school learners.

In the Parlor with Dairy Farmers (Ag Mag Supplement)

Welcome to the In the Parlor with Dairy Farmers virtual tour! Today, we’ll be expanding on what we learned while reading the Dairy Ag Mag. You’ll get to explore dairy farms with some dairy farmers as your personal tour guides! 

Pork Ag Mag

In this new Ag Mag, learn all about pork! Discover different pig breeds, explore a day  in the life of a pig producer, careers related to pork and so much more!

Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish Educators Guide

This guide was developed for teachers and volunteers to accompany the book Tales of the Dairy Godmother, Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish. The book is a great way to introduce young readers to where their food comes from! These 8 lessons cover literacy, science and math in a fun way. Best for 5-8 year old learners.

Cattle Ranch Riddle Challenge - Lesson Packet

Use this lesson guide as you begin implementing the Cattle Ranch Riddle Challenge!

Cattle Ranch Riddle Challenge - Student Guide

Use this guide with your students as they start the Cattle Ranch Riddle Purple Plow Challenge. 

Cattle Ranch Riddle Challenge - Facilitator Guide

There are multiple factors at play and many cattle ranchers must consider many things when running their operation. Today’s beef is produced using fewer resources than ever before, but there is still more to be done. Through this challenge, students will become more aware of the intricacies of beef production. After thoughtful research to evaluate how these challenges exist globally, nationally, and locally, students will design, test, and demonstrate a solution that optimizes production as well as economic, environmental, and social needs.

MAF Activity Booklets

Create and play with the interactive 15 page My American Farm Activity Book! Learning about food has never been so fun, discover facts and 11 activities to complete. Includes Ag Across America Origami, Harvest This Pictogram Puzzlers, Farmer’s Market Challenge Riddles and many more!

Farm A Month: Where Does Our Food Come From? Educator’s Guide

This Pre K – Elementary resource includes 12 activities that each feature a different commodity (one per month for a year), 12 letters from farmers who own that type of operation, a large (36 x 24”) US map, and stickers for each of the commodities & farmers to place on the map. Commodities featured: maple syrup, popcorn, peaches, pears, apples, pumpkins, turkeys, cranberries, cheese, lettuce, oranges and grapes. The resource also has suggested snacks and books for each activity. Great for teachers to incorporate agriculture every month into their classrooms! 

Major Commodities Barn Banners

Transform your fair or farm to a learning area for all guests with these easy-to-use roll up banners!

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