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Seed Starter | Lesson

 Create an environment for seeds to grow in a clear plastic glove that can hang in your window

Make Your Own Rain Gauge | Lesson

 Create your very own rain gauge to measure rainfall over a period of time

Beef Ag Mag Family Guide

This is a great tool for teachers and students in the classroom, but it is also fun for parents and children to dive into at home! Includes sections on beef breeds, nutrition, beef life cycle, career profiles, food safety, label reading information, and other suggested activities. This is an edit. This is another edit. 

My Butterfly Book | Lesson

Use in conjunction the "My Buzz" game on My American Farm.

By the end of this activity, the students will be able to recall facts about butterflies as pollinators

My American Farm | Standards Alignment of Games

Standards alignment for games on the My American Farm platform

Food Science Fun! Science Day Camp | Learning Guide

Check it out! There’s something new cooking in the kitchen at My American Farm! “Food Science Fun” is a series of 10 hands-on activities designed for the K-5 learner to explore how food travels from the farm to the plate, inspiring healthy food choices, the vast array of food careers, and even fun kitchen experiments! These engaging activities will spark creativity and challenge students as they examine their daily connection with food and agriculture.

Peanuts and Nitrogen | Lesson

By the end of this activity, the students will be able to:

• Recall that all animals need plants to live

• Recognize that all plants and animals need nitrogen

to live (among other things)

• Recall that peanut plants are a good host for bacteria

that fixes nitrogen into a consumable form

Pasture Cow-Culations | Activity Sheet

Beef cattle eat grass for most of their life. Grass gives them a balanced diet! Cattle eat grass on land that often could not be used to grow other crops. In fact, 2/3 of the grazing land in the U.S. could not grow other crops! Cattle use this land to turn grass into food for people! Cattle graze on large areas of land. Fences surround some land. This land is called a pasture. Pastures are measured in acres. One acre is about the size of a football field. Rancher Kara wants to combine some of her pastures. Look at each group of pastures. Add up the acres in the pastures to find out the number of total acres.

My American Farm | Passport

Every year, America’s farmers and ranchers work hard to feed, clothe and fuel the world. They take care of animals and the natural resources we have on earth, like land and water. In fact, most farmers and ranchers will tell you that they started working in agriculture because they love animals and the land. They want to care for them so that students like you can enjoy these great things in the future.

Nitrogen Cycle Knowledge | Learning Activity

All living things need carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Plants and animals need nitrogen, but they can’t use the nitrogen that is in the air--it has to be “fixed” or changed a little first. This is where the plants, including peanut plants, come in handy! Starting with the yellow dot representing nitrogen in the air, draw arrows connecting the objects below to complete the nitrogen cycle.

My Little Ag Me | Volunteer Guide

This provides a framework to guide you through sharing My Little Ag Me in a classroom setting.

My Little Ag Me Books & Video Educator’s Guide

Here are a few ideas on how to use My Little Ag Me Books & Career Challenge Videos in the classroom or at home

My American Farm | Activity Book 2019 Edition

Download all of the My American Farm activites in one package. Updated for 2019.

Living Plant Necklace | Activity Sheet

This is an activity that is fun to do at home with your family. American farmers and ranchers work hard each day to take care of the land, so they can provide food, fiber and natural resources to people like you and me - all over the world! With this fun activity, you will have a chance to create your own miniature farm in a necklace.

Beef Education | Built from Beef

Choose products from the word/picture bank and match them up with where they come from on the cow

Energy and Agriculture | Facilitator Kit

Explore strategies for teaching others about the importance of energy and agriculture. Contains outline for hosting an energy training for educators.

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