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Persuasive Scenario Evaluation | Learning Activity

You have just been named the chairman of a committee that decides how to allocate water resources. Read each letter and decide how you will divide up the available water amongst the three individuals listed here. Write a short persuasive response letter below explaining why you made this decision. When you are done, share your letter with an adult and ask them how they would allocate (divide up) the water.

Job Match and Evaluation | Learning Activity

Carefully cut out each of the following agriculture job titles and the descriptions. Lay them out on a flat surface, and match each job with the correct definition. Then put them in order, from which job you would like the most, to the job you would like the least. When you are done, write a 1-paragraph summary explaining how you selected the jobs you liked the most, and those you liked the least!

A Day in the Life | Learning Activity

Investigate the illustration below, and read the short biography about the ranching family. Stewardship practices are ways that someone takes care of the land, resources and environment. Without looking back at the story, try to recall as many stewardship practices as possible. 

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