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Barn Detective | Printable e-Comic

Join Annie Appleseed and Benjamin P. Farmington as they investigate the barn mystery!

Sweet Pollination | Learning Activity

Farmers and ranchers depend on bees to pollinate crops, just as you and I depend on bees to pollinate our plants and flowers. Look at the image below of a pumpkin flower. Pumpkin flowers are important for pollination and for the production of the pumpkin. Label each step in the pollination process using the answer bank below. Color in the pumpkin flowers when you are done!

Production Fill In | Learning Activity

Below are several statements which share important facts about American agriculture. Use the word bank to fill in the missing words in each sentence. You’ll notice that each blank has the correct amount of spaces, indicating the number of letters for the missing word. One letter is highlighted. When you are done, unscramble these letters to solve a riddle!

Plugged In | Learning Activity

Check out these careers in the field of energy. Put a star by one that looks interesting, and then finish the sentences below.

Agricultural Mechanics Master | Learning Activity

Welcome to the wonderful world of machines and mechanics! Chances are you’ve been in a car at some point this week. You’ve probably seen a grown-up using a kitchen gadget, such as an electric mixer or a toaster. We see machines every day! They make many of the tasks we do easier. But did you know that farmers and ranchers rely on machines every day to get their job done? Machines help farmers and ranchers care for animals and work the land while conserving our resources. Many of the complex machines we know today have evolved because of the understanding of six simple machines: a pulley, a lever, a wedge, a wheel and axle, an inclined plane and a screw.

Be The Farmer! Math in Action | Learning Activity

Welcome to your farm! You are now the head farmer and you have to make important decisions. Carefully complete each word problem below. Your farm depends on your leadership!

International Line Up | Learning Activity

Did you know? There are farmers and ranchers all around the world!

Directions: Draw a line to connect each capital with the correct country and continent. Check out this example.

Harvesting Image Match | Learning Activity

On the top are pictures of harvesting equipment. Below is the name of each harvester. See if you can match the equipment with the correct definition. Draw a line to show your work.

GPS Maze | Learning Activity

You must navigate your tractor through the maze of this field to the silo, where you will store your grain! Farmers today use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to carefully navigate through their fields. A computer in the tractor connects to a satellite to guide the tractor!

Farmers Market Math Quest | Learning Activity

Welcome to the Farmers Market! The wonderful items you see are advertised as “locally grown.”While there is no clear definition for “locally grown”, the term usually refers to food grown within your state, or within 400 miles of your location. The term “locally grown” is mostly a way to market food from a farmer directly to a consumer. This type of marketing helps put a face to our farmers. Look at the items for sale at the Farmers Market. Use this information to solve the following problems. Don’t forget to show your work!

Commodity Crossword | Learning Activity

Use the clues to fill in each word in the crossword puzzle. If you get stuck, check out the word-bank for help.

Car Trip Bingo | Learning Activity

This is an activity that is fun to do at home with your family. To get ready, have an adult help you find a map of the area you will be traveling. This may be a local city map, a state map, or even a country map if you are going on a long drive. Ask your family if it is ok for you to draw on this map. You’ll want to put a star near every interesting point.

Animal Agriculture, A Nutritious Choice | Learning Activity

Animal agriculture provides nutritious food options for you and your whole family! Check out the nutritional information on each product, and use this information to solve the math problems below!

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