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International Line Up | Learning Activity

Did you know? There are farmers and ranchers all around the world!

Directions: Draw a line to connect each capital with the correct country and continent. Check out this example.

Farmers Market Math Quest | Learning Activity

Welcome to the Farmers Market! The wonderful items you see are advertised as “locally grown.”While there is no clear definition for “locally grown”, the term usually refers to food grown within your state, or within 400 miles of your location. The term “locally grown” is mostly a way to market food from a farmer directly to a consumer. This type of marketing helps put a face to our farmers. Look at the items for sale at the Farmers Market. Use this information to solve the following problems. Don’t forget to show your work!

Commodity Crossword | Learning Activity

Use the clues to fill in each word in the crossword puzzle. If you get stuck, check out the word-bank for help.

Animal Agriculture, A Nutritious Choice | Learning Activity

Animal agriculture provides nutritious food options for you and your whole family! Check out the nutritional information on each product, and use this information to solve the math problems below!

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