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Protect the Pollinators Student Guide

What can we do to sustain or improve pollinator well-being? Use this student guide to learn about the Purple Plow Protect the Pollinators challenge!

Student Reflection Sheet: Purple Plow

Allow your students to reflection and react to their Purple Plow experience using this guide!

Production Fill In

Use these short activities to help students grow at school, home or on the road! Watch your child gain confidence as they master math, discover history, hone in on reading, and boost their science skills. These are perfect activities for early-completers in the classroom, take-home enrichment, or on the road adventure. Use the word bank to fill in the missing words in each sentence. You’ll notice that each blank has the correct amount of spaces, indicating the number of letters for the missing word. One letter is highlighted. When you are done, unscramble these letters to solve a riddle!

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