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In The Field with the Soil Experts

Welcome to "In the Field with the Soil Experts"! Today, we will be expanding on what we learned in the Soils Ag Mag. You will get to dig deep into soil science and meet two experts along the way! Prepare to get your hands dirty as we learn about the ecosystem under our shoes!

In The Boat e-Learning Module

Dive in and explore aquaculture!


This module is a great supplement to the Aquaculture Ag Mag! Learn about fish farming and lifecycles and meet a real fish farmer.

Specialty Livestock Ag Mag

In this Ag Mag, we look at livestock you may not have seen before. We explore what they are, where they live and how you can visit them!

This non-fiction newspaper reader is best for 3rd-5th graders.

Small Animals Ag Mag

Animals come in all shapes, colors, and sizes! In this Ag Mag, we will explore several different kinds of small animals. Learn about careers related to small animals, mini pigs, pygmy goats and more.

Aquaculture Ag Mag

Dive into the world of water and aquaculture! This Ag Mag explores aquaculture, raising plants and animals in water. Learn about the systems to farm fish and where that food goes! This non-fiction text is best for 3rd-5th grade readers.

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