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On this page you will find free downloadable activities and lesson plans about agriculture and links to more agricultural education materials. For even more suggestions check out our Food & Ag Resource Guide. 


Bringing Biotechnology to Life Free Science Lesson plans for grades 7-10

Brought to you by The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture in partnership with the International Food and Information Council Foundation, 

Answers questions: What is DNA?; What is selective breeding? How can we examine DNA?; What is biotech?; How do researchers compare DNA?; Where would we be without "GMOs"?; How is biotech used? 

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Peanut Activity Cards Free Downloadable lesson plans

Learn all about peanuts in this collection of 12, easy to implement 3rd-5th grade lesson plans/activities


Dive Into Water Careers! 

Water careers online learning experience. This tool is to be used to support Lesson Plan 5 of Dive In! Exploring the Science of Water and Food Production.


You can download this FREE Sample lesson plan here


This free online learning platform offers more than 20 agriculturally-themed games and 120+ free educator resources such as lesson plans, activity sheets and comics.


Farm to Cart

This printable board game introduces PreK-Elementary players to the general process for the production of various agricultural products. Players will become aware that farmers use land in different ways to grow crops.



Food Science Fun 

This facilitator guide is what you need to put on easy hands on student workshops about science and food. Perfect ideas for fairs, ag days, sciene camps, day camps, after school programs and more! 


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