On The Farm

What People Are Saying


“ Absolutely go to this event if possible! It was a great experience, especially for someone who has never been on the farm, or who teaches in an urban environment ”

— 2017 On the Farm Participant

“  Even if you think that beef education does not apply to you personally, you would be surprised at how many real world connections you can make to the K-12 curriculum! ”
— Heather Kelley, Teacher, Brea Olinda Unified School District, CA
My advice is: "Try to embed yourself in the experience, ask questions, and see things as a farmer, a vet, marketing agent etc.., and then ask yourself the question, "Why do they do it?". Seeing the beef industry from all perspectives will give you the chance to educate your students with important real world experiences from the farm.
— Dr. Anne Mannarino Project Director SWIRL (Standards Within Real World Learning), Martinson Math and Science Center, Regent University, VA
Learning about our food and where it comes from and how it's grown or raised is valuable to every person from every walk of life. These are real concepts that should be taught anyway and the STEM aspect is just one of the many lenses to look at agriculture. It's a great access point for those interested in the cross-section of science and technology with practical application for today's learners.
— 2017 Participant

“ This is an amazing experience! I was a bit nervous because I had no real beef industry knowledge, nor any idea what to expect. I highly recommend this experience to any teacher that teaches science, STEM, or agriculture related topics. ”

— Saundra Pitt, K-5 STEM Educator, Blount County Schools, TN

“ This experience opened my eyes to essentially another world. My experience with agriculture was non-existent. With the On the Farm STEM event, I am now confident with incorporating agricultural units into my STEM classes.  ”
— 2017 Participant