On The Farm



2018 - Photos

Please enjoy the photos below from On The Farm events in 2018. Click each image to launch a larger version

★ Portland, OR ★

May 23rd — 25th, 2018


download a high resolution copy of the group photo

★ Philadelphia, PA ★

May 16th — 18th, 2018


★ Fort Worth, TX ★

March 26th — 28th, 2018


2018 - Social Media

During the field events participants were very active on the #OnTheFarm18 hashtag. Please enjoy selected social media posts in the galleries below. Click each post to visit the original media and don't forget to follow @AgFoundation for updates about the On The Farm program.

Portland, OR

Philadelphia, PA

Fort Worth, TX

2017 & 2016 Media

On The Farm has been collecting media at events for three years running. Please enjoy photos and videos from 2017 and 2016.