Volunteer Recognition

Florida Agriculture Literacy Day Encourages Volunteers to Educate About Agriculture!

On Tuesday April 30th more than 1,300 Florida farmers, growers and ranchers from many different organizations took time out of their lives to volunteer around the state to read Florida's Farm History! an accurate agricultural book to more than 2,800 classrooms and 56,000 students!

This is just one story of sisters who volunteered on Florida Agriculture Literacy Day!

Erin Freel reading Florida's Farm History to the class.

Erin Freel and her sister Molly Rowe visited the Villages Elementary School of Lady Lake on Tuesday April 30th to celebrate and educate about agriculture. During their visit Erin and Molly read Florida's Farm History! They also let students squeeze oranges and drink the fresh orange juice. Students loved squeezing the oranges!

But the tasting fun didn't stop there! Erin and Molly had also brought other Florida products for these students to try including blueberries, carrots, oranges and tomatoes.

Molly Rowe helping with tastings.

They ended the day with planting a garden in a glove. Students planted corn, radishes, squash, turnips and beans in a glove so each student could watch them germinate over the next few weeks of school. You can do this activity in a classroom near you! Here are the instructions: http://www.myamericanfarm.org/lessons/Seed_Starter_lesson.pdf.

Teacher Ms. Jeanine Rubino and student Reagan Rowe

At the end of the day the wonderful teacher, Ms. Jeanine Rubino, was presented a tomato plant for her classroom and the iconic Florida book, A Land Remembered.

Thank you to Erin and Molly for being outstanding examples of volunteers educating about agriculture!

To read more about Florida Agriculture Literacy Day visit http://www.flagintheclassroom.com/agliteracyday.html.

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Volunteering is an easy way to help build agricultural awareness, understanding and a positive public perception of agriculture through education. Thank you to all of the volunteers who are improving agricultural literacy.