How To Use My American Farm

Young visitors to the website are expected to go straight to such games as “Ag Across America,” “Finders Keepers,” “Harvest This!” and “Farmers Market Challenge” by clicking on the featured game or any of the game icons in a “slider” menu in the middle of the home page. Scrolling over a colorful game icon reveals a detailed description of that game. The site also has a “Games” link at the top of the screen that takes users to a games page.

In the updated version of My American Farm, kids now get a reward to place in a “Passport to Sustainability,” as well as point total. The passport entices them to go play of the games.

At the end of each game, kids can watch short, related video stories from the public television show “America’s Heartland” Follow this link to learn more.

Or virtually flip through an e-comic book about agricultural topics. Learn more here.

For each game, kids can click on at least four other links:

  1. The “Did you know?” link, which gives more information about agriculture.
  2. “Download an Awesome Activity,” something like “Car Trip Ag Bingo” that kids can do on their own or with their friends or family.
  3. “Watch a cool video,” which takes them to the “America’s Heartland” video stories.
  4. “Cast your vote,” which lets kids weigh in such topics as what kind of farm they would have if they were farmers, similar to how they might cast a vote for a contestant on a popular television talent show, and see how their results compares to other students’ playing the game.

These extra features are just one more teachable moment after each game is completed, one more opportunity to help kids connect the dots between what happens on the farm and how it relates to today’s fiber and food supply.

Parents can click on the “Fun Family Activities” link at the top of the home page. The link brings up the instructions for numerous activities such as building a rain gauge, which they can do with their kids to build on what they may be learning at school.

Under the Educator Resources tab, the site suggests games by curriculum areas that classroom teachers may need to cover. Farmer and rancher volunteers who want to use My American Farm during their visits to classrooms can select activities by agricultural topic, such as how farmers care for the land.

Visit the site today,, to explore the games and resources.