The Foundation Today

Today the mission of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is to build awareness, understanding and a positive public perception of Agriculture through education.

The Foundation strives to be a credible source for agricultural literacy information. Our materials and programs are designed not only to reflect reliable information, but also to meet today’s standards of learning. Today the new challenge is to add the value of emotion to the science and truth so that we can recapture the attention of the public.

Today the Foundation is working on several new projects that will help to work towards our mission.

  • My American Farm is an online educational game that will let students learn about agriculture while having fun. Read more.
  • The White-Reinhardt Mini-Grant and Scholarship Program that helps fund state and county Farm Bureau projects that accurately tells the story of agriculture. Read more.
  • Agricultural Literacy Projects. These projects include lesson plans and teacher resources to help spread agricultural literacy to students of all ages. See our Agricultural Literacy projects.

We have continued our efforts to produce outstanding materials, create accurate resources, and provide opportunities to tell the story. You can help support the Foundation’s efforts to tell the story of agriculture and spread agricultural literacy by giving a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation. Please consider donating to the Foundation to help create a positive public perception of agriculture through education.

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