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The Power of Children’s Books

No more "Old McDonald had a Farm" we want "New McDonald has a Drone"! Accurate ag books are getting harder and harder to find. So we partnered with the Illinois Ag in the Classroom and did something about it. 

Goat vs Sheep and Other Ag Mixups

There are lots of agriculture misconceptions and mix-ups out there. Is hay the same as straw? Is a combine a tractor? It can all be a little confusing. We break down some common mix-ups in this blog.

Where do Eggs Come From?

Where do eggs come from? What do all of those labels like cage free, free range and organic mean? In honor of National Egg month Lara Durben, Communications Director for the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota and the Midwest Poultry Federation answers these questions! 

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